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just thinking about when the promotional stuff for 3B started going up and people (including me) were like “STILES AIN’T THE MAIN CHARACTER WTF TEEN WOLF”

like the idea of stiles AS VILLAINwas so out of the realm of possibility at the time that we didn’t even consider it

what sweet summer children we all were

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Teen Wolf 3x18 Riddled Promo

He was a pawn in their little game. A mass murderer is bad enough. A mass murderer being controlled by someone? Far worse

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you know i always wanted a BAMF!Stiles but this is not what i wanted

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Literally SOBBING

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So, Derek can see people’s auras, especially if they don’t have them under control.

Does this mean the reason he and Stiles haven’t shared a scene yet is because when they do, Derek is going to realize Stiles is possessed?

Because that is fucking cruel.

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There are 13 kinds of kitsune.
Celestial, wild, ocean, thunder.
But there is one, the dark kitsune.
They call it Void or Nogitsune.

Nogitsune draws it’s power from pain and tragedy, strife and chaos.

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I’m sorry but why aren’t we talking about this picture, or am I getting censored by my friends in tumblr. 

Stiles getting some lip action again! (Seriously super excited about it cause if you remember the preview Derek will turn up to the party and he will see Stiles with the lipstick on his cheek and ——- BRING ME THEM FICS

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