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on sight


Needing very angst/hurt/comfort Bucky/Steve fic with a optional sex scene and with a possible happy ending.

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life’s too short [bucky, steve]


based on events in the Avengers RP.

Bucky wakes up, eyes bleary, and he’s really thankful that he’s always had a hell of a tolerance, because with how much he drank last night, if he didn’t… Wouldn’t be such a pleasant morning, that’s for sure. His body’s languid in a way that he recognizes vaguely as him having gotten laid, and a panic seizes him because he doesn’t recognize this bed and he hopes to hell he hasn’t crawled into Steve’s.

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Listening to Frank Sinatra and thinking about doing a 40’s playlist and write stupid steve/bucky smut

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okay I need some Steve/Bucky pwp please?

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