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After the loss in the Olympic quarter-finals in Sochi, Finnish goalie Noora Räty went public with an open letter announcing that she would quit hockey unless she got to play men’s hockey. Now she has signed a contract with the men’s team Kiekko-Vantaa in Finnish second league Mestis.

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We’re seeing Artifact today in a movie theatre (Jared Leto’s here too! We don’t get to meet him though, we didn’t buy the VIP tickets)
Anyway, we’re on a queue and got bracelets! they’re all cool and pink whaaah



Suomen maakunnat – Regions of Finland (excluding the autonomous Åland) [x]

I …. was waiting for this so much and here it is . Just as I imagined. :”’ DDD

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Went to see Frank Turner yesterday, it was wonderful! [HEART HERE] Frank Turner | Nosturi Finland

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"It’s been great year for me. I have been working at a fast food diner and performed at legendary Tavastia"  
Finnish artist Sanni at Tavastia

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#beyonce number one Finnish iTunes #finland

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vituttaa kyl ku lumi on ekaks sillee et, no mä oon nyt täs

sit se on et eiku mä sulanki

eiku mä jäädyn joo

sit se päättää sulaa viel vähän kuitenki

ja tuloksena on vitun epätasanen perkeleen liukas jääpinta, jonka päällä on kolme senttiä vettä.

et sillee kaadut ja rikot luus + vaattees kastuu ja saat kusitaudin ja hypotermian

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I’m not really a huge fan of these guys (The Dudesons, Finnish Jackass group basically) but my god are they well dressed tonight at the president’s independence day party. A modern versions of the national costume of Ostrobothnia.

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tänne mä synnyin tänne mä jään

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Fyeahpackantine acknowledges Finland’s independence day by posting Robin’s way of doing it! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

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kerran vuodessa jokainen suomalainen on muotiasiantuntija 

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Omg duudsonit - get out

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