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That’s me, Heather (@heatherambrosia) and & Travis (@travisrclark) ♥ Filmed by Essi (@alltimeessu)



so I saw bastille again in stockholm on saturday!! queued for 10 hours and was on the barrier and we hung out outside the venue after the gig for a while even though it was freezing aw. I had a finnish flag with me and woody recognised me from the crowd and will said I proved to him that finnish women are beautiful?? also kyle REMEMBERED ME from when I met them at provinssirock festival in finland and DAN GAVE ME A PIGGYBACK RIDE (I look mentally retarded in those photos so not sure if I’ll be posting any of them). they were so lovely, will was absolutely hilarious and isabelle is the best friend ever for taking these photos apart from the selfie 

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itken koska jos oltais vaan jääty venailee sinne keikka paikalle oltais ehkä nähty bastille jätkät - heather kuinka sinä osaat tuon jäsenien bongailun noin hyvin, i will never leave your side ever again

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That’s me, Heather (@heatherambrosia) and & Travis (@travisrclark) ♥ Filmed by Essi (@alltimeessu)

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you ship Larry therefore I love you ok

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